elly.kent translation services

I am a NAATI accredited Indonesian-English language translator, specialising in arts publications. As well as providing translation services for major exhibition catalogues around the world, I also provide ongoing translation service to a number of Indonesia’s leading contemporary art spaces, including Ark Galerie, Cemeti Art House, the Faculty of Visual Arts at the Institute of Technology Bandung and artist’s FX Harsono and Dadang Christanto. In the past 12 months major translation projects have included:

2015   (Book 1) Reclaiming Indonesia: Understanding Forty Years of    Violence to Break the Chains of Impunity  

            (Book 2) Reclaiming Indonesia: Voices of Victims Freed from the Shackles of Past Violence (sole commissioned translator for two-part major publication forthcoming, funded by the Herb Feith Foundation)

2015   Creative Communities Project field reports translation, Yayasan Kelola (consultant translation team leader, editor, funded by World Bank)

2014   EXPANDING THE FIGHT: Voices of Women Survivors in the Struggle Against Violence, Asian Justice and Rights (sole comissioned translator, forthcoming publication, original text available at http://asia-ajar.org/buku/?lang=id)

2014   Arsipelago: Archival Work and Archiving Art and Culture in Indonesia, Indonesian Visual Arts Archive, Yogyakarta (translation, proofreading and editing of English translations, funded by Ford Foundation)


elly.kent translation fees&charges 2015

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